Two-Headed Commander


Join us November 23rd for our monthly Two-Headed Commander tournament.Just like last time, there is a bounty on team "Honorable Mention". The team has gone undefeated for the last 4 months and need to be stopped, do you have what it takes?

Win or lose the event, the first team to defeat them will receive a total of $100 store credit for the team. ( 50/player, 100/team ).

Registration starts @ 4PM | First round Starts @ 5PM

Free Entry

Promo Packs and Store Credit as Prizing

The rules for the event are as follow:

- You choose your partner
- Starting life total is 60 combined
- Matches are best of 1
- 21 Commander damage from a single commander
- 10 Poison counters
- Partners cannot have the same commander
- Standard multiplayer ban list
- Players can't gain extra turns during an extra turn.



The event is free to play and open to everyone!


Store Hours
Monday - Thursday : 5PM - 9PM
Saturday : 12PM - 10PM
Sunday : 12PM - 8PM